Hidden Truths That Not Even Adventists Know

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We Adventists have always been big on the Present Truth. We know our Bibles and want to share what we’ve discovered with the world. But here are some (uncomfortable) truths we should face: 

Nobody knows about Adventism

This is a tough pill to swallow for some of us. In many parts of the world, our biggest problem is obscurity.

Nobody cares about Adventism

Remnant Complex can easily blind you to the fact that even when we are known in the community, most people don’t care about Adventism unless we can demonstrate real value to their lives in the present. 

Veggie meat IS bad for you

Our hallowed meat substitutes are often just as bad as the real thing when you account for all the fat, salt and overall processing.

The Bible actually encourages dancing

Or did David just dance in his heart before the Lord?

Just because it’s classical music doesn’t mean it’s CHURCH-WORTHY

The lifestyles of some composers behind classical pieces you hear in church would make even Badventists blush.

Sleeping away your Sabbath afternoon isn’t that holy 

OK, so maybe we do know this but haven’t yet signed up for that Sunshine Band.

The General Conference is not the Church

As in, the GC President is the GC President (head of an admin unit), not the “President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” That’s a made up title.

Ellen G. White’s writings are not scripture

We love Ellen White for good reason but she would be the first to remind us she is only there to POINT us to Scripture.



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