Song Service Leader On His 4th “Happy Sabbath Church!” Clearly Just Killing Time

Leafy Glen, Tenn. – His first overly-chipper “Happy Sabbath Church!” helped snap members out of their late morning slumber at the start of divine service last weekend.

The (predictable) repeat of the Sabbath greeting from worship leader Chet Iterum solicited louder “Amen”s and “Happy Sabbaths” from the chastened-and-somewhat-more-alert-crowd.

He could have left it there.

But without so much as acknowledging the attempt at reciprocal greetings, Iterum upped the ante, hollering, “I SAID… Happy Sabbath Chuuurch!!!!”

It was abundantly clear Iterum had forgotten he was leading song service as, frantically paging through a hymnal, he transitioned to threatening, “We’re not starting until I hear from the saints!! Happy Sabbath Church!!!”


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