COVID: Pastor Fired for Promoting “Contagious Faith”

COLD SNAP, Mich. — Pastor Des Tibbitts of Cold Snap SDA is out of a job after preaching a sermon on “Contagious Faith” to a dumbfounded congregation last Sabbath. Eyewitnesses from last Read more […]

Glendale Adventist Academy students declare mission trip to Disneyland a rousing success

GLENDALE, Calif. — A team of 50 Glendale Academy students has returned safely from a successful mission trip to Disneyland. The teens emerged from their chartered bus positively radiant Read more […]

TractCannon: Witnessing at the pull of a trigger

Fresh off the monster success of the iWade (Sabbath water wading aid), Weimar-based AdvenTech is beta testing an entirely new product line.  Instead of protecting against inappropriate Sabbath Read more […]