Nobody Wants to Hear Returning Missionary’s Stories

LOMA LINDA, Calif. — Caleb Westerfielderson had spent the last two years serving as a missionary in a remote village in Papua New Guinea. Armed with his well-highlighted Bible, a suitcase full Read more […]

Family Excited to Be Missionaries Wherever Jesus Leads — as Long as it’s in Hawaii

Forget mud huts and malaria, the Johnson family has a new definition of missionary work: “paradise with a purpose.” This sun-kissed clan is swapping Bibles for beach towels in their quest to spread Read more […]

Signs You Are an Adventist Missionary Kid

Adventist missionary kids are a breed of their own. They can be confusing to their friends that didn’t grow up the same way. Here are some of the signs you grew up as an MK: 1. Rootless Wanderer: Read more […]

Short-term Missionaries Recalled To Repair Shoddy Workmanship

It’s not quite been two weeks since the team from Pop-Up Church Vacation Ministries hustled through a half-baked church construction project in the Dominican town of La Paciencia, before rushing Read more […]

Student Missionary Sick of Being Mistaken for a Mormon

Baguio, Philippines — Sarah Henderson, a devout Adventist, has found herself facing an identity mix-up ever since she arrived for her student missionary year in the Philippines. “I can’t Read more […]

Signs You Are on a Mission Trip Gone Wrong

Mission trips are a hotly-anticipated adventure for many Adventists. Of course, they can also have their challenges that put a damper on things. Challenges like: A typhoon lands the moment you Read more […]

Epcot Center Visits Now Count As Overseas Mission

SILVER SPRING, Md. — GC Missions strategists have confirmed that visits to Orlando’s Epcot Center satisfy all the requirements for overseas mission as the place has a “super international feel Read more […]

Barbie releases Adventist missionary doll

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Mattel, the corporation that makes the popular Barbie doll, has decided to add to its ever-expanding range with the “Adventist Missionary Barbie.” The release of Adventist Read more […]

Reformed partyer featured in Sabbath School mission story sick of people knowing his business

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Romeo Douglas says that the only thing he regrets more than wasting several youthful years on parties and alcohol is agreeing to be featured as the mission story for Read more […]