Reformed partyer featured in Sabbath School mission story sick of people knowing his business

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Romeo today
Romeo today
SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Romeo Douglas says that the only thing he regrets more than wasting several youthful years on parties and alcohol is agreeing to be featured as the mission story for the Sabbath School quarterly about a year ago.

“At first it sounded like a great way to witness but I realized too late that my picture and story would literally go around the world,” said Douglas.

An avid traveler, Douglas says that he always finds an Adventist church to attend regardless of where in the world he is visiting. “It used to be a lot of fun but since that mission story ran I keep being introduced as the crazy party guy from the quarterly,” he said. “It’s getting old.”

Douglas claims that for all that is said about the Adventist world being small, he has learned a lot about the scale of the worldwide family since the story. “There are over 18 million Adventists in the world,” reflecting on his overnight fame. That’s a lot of people you’ve got to explain yourself to.”

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  1. Farfromthere

    Romeo should consider becoming an big-time evangelist, so he can use his story again, again, again, and again, embellishing it only slightly to encourage a future generation of big-time evangelists.

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