Slide Show: Things Adventists secretly hope to do before Jesus comes again

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Adventists believe in the imminent return of Jesus. If you grew up Adventist, you believed Jesus could come at any moment, but like, it was REALLY SOON. Yeah, heaven is going to blow your mind with its beyond-your-comprehension-awesomeness --- you can’t wait to wrestle with lions and/or have your own pet panda --- but at some point, we bet these secret yearnings crossed your mind.


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  1. Richard Mills

    It is no secret that many SDA’s hope to win the big bucks in the lottery. Then you can pay tithe, pay up all your debts, donate to Missions, SDA radio & TV evangelists, the local Conference gets a piece, the nearest boarding academy gets a few bucks. Don’t forget Loma Linda will name a building in your generous gift. The list goes on & on until the money is all gone. Now you are ready for the Second Coming!! Woe is me!!

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