Theologian Releases Bible Version That Fully Agrees With Him

COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. — Doug Digger breathed a sigh of satisfaction from his ivory tower balcony today as he released what he called a “wrinkle-free” version of the Bible. In the run-up to the release, Read more […]

Musk Backs Out of Twitter Deal After Discovering Church Lobbies Much Better for Spreading Gossip

BOCA CHICA, Texas — Billionaire Elon Musk has backed out of his commitment to buy social media platform Twitter after discovering that a far better way to share gossip has existed for decades. “Turns Read more […]

Adventists called to be like Buddy in Elf: In the world but not of it

ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventists everywhere are being urged by their denomination to watch or re-watch the movie Elf  this Christmas. The reason? The main character, Buddy (played by Will Ferrell), Read more […]