How to Spot When an Adventist is Bragging

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We Adventists like to at least appear humble. But once in a while some status signaling happens. You know an Adventist is bragging when they say any of the following:

“I am constantly grateful God blessed me with a heart surgeon DAUGHTER who can donate to such good causes.”

“You should visit that church, my son and his family have been there for years.”

“This Range Rover allows me to go on God’s errands.”

“ThEse flowers basically arranged themselves.”

“How else will I know when to take off for church?” (When someone notices your rolex)

“All the praise goes to God.” (you just nailed your sermon)

“I wanted to give a little something back.” (said after your name has been chiseled into the side of a hospital wing.)

“What a privilege it is to serve.” (after you’ve won a hard-fought church election)

“My grandkid just won first place in the Adventurer bible experience – hard work sure pays off!”

“We’ve been called to serve the least of these.” (you’ve just returned from an exotic vacation that included a half hour visit to a food bank)

Sometimes it doesn’T even take words



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