Bible Study Group Spends Six Hours Debating Jesus’s Hairstyle, Fails to Reach Consensus

What started as a routine Wednesday night Bible study at Hairsplit Seventh-day Adventist church quickly spiraled into an intense theological debate when someone innocently asked, “So, what do you Read more […]

Local Church Experiments With ‘Casual Sabbath’, Half Congregation Turns Up in Pajamas

In an attempt to attract more young people and boost attendance, the Slumber Springs Seventh-day Adventist Church recently implemented a “Casual Sabbath” dress code. However, church leaders are Read more […]

New Adventist Dress Code Bans Anything More Stylish Than a Muu-Muu

SILVER SPRING, Md. – The General Conference Modesty Committee has issued a new dress code policy banning any clothing deemed too fashionable or stylish for faithful Adventists. The policy, titled Read more […]

GC: Adventist Women Must Waterski/Wakeboard in Full-Length Dresses

In a move anticipating summer water sports, the General Conference has issued a new mandate: all female Adventist waterskiers/wakeboarders must don full-length dresses while participating in the Read more […]

Pastor Saša Gunjević First Adventist Pastor To Maintain Credentials After Wearing Non-Regulation Socks

Pastor Sasha Gunjević of Hamburg-Grindelberg Adventist Church has made international Adventist headlines lately for sporting non-regulation socks during his sermons. The pastor is the first Adventist Read more […]

How to Spot When an Adventist is Bragging

We Adventists like to at least appear humble. But once in a while some status signaling happens. You know an Adventist is bragging when they say any of the following: “I am constantly grateful Read more […]

John the Baptist Banned From Church Over Revealing Outfit

ICEBUCKET, Mich. — John the Baptist was banned from Shepherd SDA Church last Sabbath after turning up for a service in his usual camel hair attire. The preacher immediately attracted the attention Read more […]

Sabbath Dress Code Cop Shocked People Leaving Church

BERRIEN SPRINGS, Mich. – Self-appointed church dress code cop, Hilda Frumper, has handed out a record number of Sabbath attire tickets this month. Frumper has ticketed members for skirt length, Read more […]

Gender-Neutral Ministries Dept Replaces Women’s/Men’s Ministries In Swedish Union

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Segregated men’s and women’s ministries are a thing of the past in the Swedish Adventist Church. The old departments have been thrown out in favor of what the Swedish Union Read more […]