Short-term Missionaries Recalled To Repair Shoddy Workmanship

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It’s not quite been two weeks since the team from Pop-Up Church Vacation Ministries hustled through a half-baked church construction project in the Dominican town of La Paciencia, before rushing to the beach to celebrate their Mission Accomplished.

Almost as soon as the sunburned missions team landed stateside, Paciencia SDA Church alerted PUCVM that the church’s roof had blown off and the baptistery was heavily leaking. The alert formally summoned the team back to La Paciencia to rectify their slapdash workmanship.

Back in the U.S., the PUCVM team members battled a mixture of embarrassment and frustration. They had eagerly shared their glossy photos on social media, boasting about the “life-changing experience” they had in the Dominican Republic. However, as the reality of their hasty construction hit home, they realized that perhaps their eagerness to check off another mission trip from their list had overshadowed their commitment to actual service.


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