Student Missionary Sick of Being Mistaken for a Mormon

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Baguio, Philippines — Sarah Henderson, a devout Adventist, has found herself facing an identity mix-up ever since she arrived for her student missionary year in the Philippines.

“I can’t believe it keeps happening!!” Sarah exclaimed with a sigh. “Everyone thinks I’m Mormon! Sure, we share some lifestyle similarities, like avoiding coffee and dressing modestly, but can’t anyone see I’m going for an Ellen White look?”

Things came to a head yesterday when Sarah, clad in her customary modest attire and carrying a copy of “The Great Controversy,” was approached by a well-intentioned local who asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon. “At first, I tried to take it lightly and brush it off,” she said, “But this kind of thing just keeps happening!”

Sarah has asked her local missions director to make her badges saying “Not Mormon, Just Adventist!” or “Ask me about the Sabbath!” to clarify her religious affiliation.

While her boss decides if she can wear the new badges (he argued badges would make her look even more Mormon), Sarah has taken matters into her own hands. She now carries a ukulele wherever she goes and has skillfully woven Ellen White quotes into catchy tunes. “If they’re going to mistake me for a Mormon, I might as well sing them the Steps to Christ!” she explained.

Meanwhile, actual Mormon missionaries have noticed Sarah working their territory. They have invited her for LDS-style haystacks on her day off.


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