Adventist congregation walks out as pastor starts telling life story again

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BURBANK, Calif. — Over 300 agitated church members spilled out into the lobby and parking lot of West Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church a mere five minutes into Senior Pastor Genio Aburrido’s sermon this Sabbath.

Congregants could be seen from the street shaking their heads in disbelief as they talked animatedly and updated their social media accounts. The cause of the exodus appears to be that Aburrido had attempted to tell his life story one too many times.

“He tells it almost every Sabbath,” said long-time member Delbert Hrumph. “I’ve even heard him slip it into the occasional midweek prayer meeting. It’s seriously killing me.”

Hrumph shared that after hearing his pastor’s life story more times than he can remember, he feels confident he could narrate the fairly predictable ups-and-downs of his pastor’s life in his sleep.

“I know where the dramatic pauses happen. I know exactly when the tears will flow and I can tell the pastor’s jokes jokes better than he can,” said Hrumph.

Numerous congregants testified that merely hearing their pastor’s admission that he “may have shared a few of these experiences before,” set enough of the collective blood pressure rising this Sabbath that they all followed Hrumph’s lead and made for the exits.


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  1. Ray Kraft

    We once had a pastor who, I swear, musta had 100 3×5 cards with a sermon paragraph neatly printed on each one, and every week he’d put ’em all in a basket and shake ’em up and draw them out at random and read them in whatever order they came out for the sermon the next Sabbath.

    So I am like totally sympathetic with this Burbank congregation.

      1. chrisceda/ Palmer

        if the Lord had come at that very moment what would the members of that church tell the saviour of the world?it is never good to follow the majority,we all need to turn the searchlight within our self.

    1. Albert Feinstein

      A group of deacons went to complain to the bishop, because the new priest preached the same sermon 6 times in a row. The bishop asked, “What was the sermon about?” The deacons couldn’t answer. So the bishop declared: “All right, I want you’ll to go back and tell the priest to preach it again!”

  2. Hazel Layland

    This situation is so sad. Had the members spoken privately to the Pastor? Had the church board dealt with the situation? I do not know the answers to this. Surely something could have been done privately to sort out the problem before this mass walk out…….and to publish negative information on the internet…….my heart is sad that we are publicising negative information about our church on the internet. Not good, especially for people who have left attending church. Boosts their decision.

    1. Abe Lincoln, Jr.

      “Do not believe everything you read on the Internet, especially if the site has disclaimers stating that it is only for satire and humor.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

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