Congregation Wishes Overconfident Pastor Would Go Back to Using Sermon Notes

In an annoying display of pastoral self-assuredness, Pastor William “Windy” Williams of the Free Grace Adventist Church has proudly announced that he no longer needs to rely on sermon notes. While Read more […]

Youth Pastor Accuses Senior Pastor of Sermon Illustration Theft

Youth pastor Steven Green has come forward with claims that his senior pastor, Bear Grizzle has been shamelessly swiping his carefully crafted sermon illustrations for his own sermons. Sources Read more […]

Local Know-It-All Can’t Wait For Sermon To End So He Can Criticize It

READING, Calif. — Bruce Pendleton, a self-proclaimed biblical scholar, Sabbath School teacher, and renowned armchair theologian, arrived at church this Sabbath armed with an assortment of colored Read more […]

Pastor With Multiple Churches Can’t Remember Which Sermon He’s Preached Where

DALARNA, Sweden – Pastor Hans Glömmer’s life was thrown into disarray recently when he was transferred to a new territory with four churches. Not only was the Sabbath morning commute killer Read more […]

Adventist leaders pledge to grow out their eyebrows in remembrance of Billy Graham

Adventist World — In honor of Billy Graham’s passing, General Conference officials have modified a contest among world leaders of the Adventist denomination. The leaders were originally racing Read more […]