Kid Optimistically Asks For Seventh Time if Sermon Almost Over

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At Droneville SDA young Timmy’s patience wore thin as the sermon dragged on for what felt like an eternity. Pastor Snoreworth’s droning was enough to test anyone’s resolve.

Timmy leaned over to his dad, and asked, “Dad, is the sermon over yet?”

His dad, barely awake himself, mumbled, “Not quite, Timmy. Just a bit longer.”

Minutes felt like eons, and Timmy’s desperation got the best of him. He tugged at his dad’s sleeve, raising an eager eyebrow. “Dad, almost done now?”

His dad, trying to stay engaged, replied, “Not quite, Timmy. Hang in there.”

This cycle repeated itself, Timmy persistently asking the same question, with slight variations in phrasing, five more times.

Finally, when Pastor Snoreworth uttered the words “In conclusion,” Timmy’s heart leaped. He nudged his dad, grinning. “Dad, is it over at last?”

His dad, jolted awake, confirmed, “Yes, Timmy, it’s finally over!”

As Timmy excitedly gathered his extensive church survival kit consisting of coloring books, a slinky, crackers and his favorite stuffed parrot, Pastor Snoreworth crushed everyone’s spirits by remembering an additional illustration that “would only take a few minutes” but was “absolutely critical.”


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