Adventist contractor exclusively builds Sabbath-appropriate wading pools

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Sabbath proofed
Sabbath proofed
PUDDLE, Fla. — An Adventist contractor has launched a business exclusively dedicated to building shallow pools appropriate for Sabbath wading.

Holly Stride has taken out ads all over Adventist media advertising “guilt-free Sabbath wading in the comfort of your back yard.”

Stride guarantees that none of her pools are deep enough for any “unSabbathy water activity” even if users were to “accidentally” fall in.

She offers deluxe models of her pools that feature Sabbath-related Bible verses inscribed in individual tiles.

All pools come with complimentary “No Diving” signs.

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  1. All SDA authorized pools must be no deeper than one’s knee. The standard measure to use is Ted WIlson’s knee or whoever is the current GC prez. FYI-these pools are constructed out of non-GMO, cage free, gluten free, soy free, range free, caffeine free poly sterate butyl propolyne. Pull the plug, they self clean-no Sabbath work. Recycle the water into your garden.

  2. Update on those Sabbath pools-1844 mm deep. 2300ml filled up. 1798 cm diameter. 7 sides. 12 entrances-one for each tribe. gold covered edging or rim. At on entrance, a gold type crown. From above it looks like a wedding ring. Let’ all jump in and have some fun.

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