Adventists Living The Dream With Social Distancing

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Adventist World — Recent social distancing guidelines imposed on populations around the world have come as music to the ears of countless Adventists who were already remarkably skilled at “us vs. them” thinking and behavior.

The order to stay several feet away from the overall population and shun most social gathering spots was met with a hearty “Amen” from saints who had always made it a point of pride to remain as separate and peculiar a people as possible.

As though earthly social distancing were not enough, the WHO reports having received a torrent of letters from hopeful Adventists wondering if they can continue social distancing in Heaven.


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  1. richard mills

    Social distance has been going on in my church for a very long time long before current popularity. I experience it every Sabbath. Sometimes at camp meeting. Must be I am controversial type guy. Or my after shave lotion. Anyway-MAGA Make Adventism Great Again before Indy 2121

  2. Richard Mills

    One more SDA “Social Distance” story. Every time I ask a single female church member for a date? Social Distance appears. And it’s more than 6 feet! I am weeping between the porch & the altar.What am I gonna do?
    MAGA-Make Adventism Great Again before the virus is gone.

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