Adventist playgrounds ban “backsliding”

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What not to do.
What not to do.
SILVER SPRING, Md. — Playgrounds at Adventist schools, churches and residential facilities have instituted a formal ban on backsliding.

The daredevil move which the denomination defined as “abandoning all you’ve learned and hurtling down a slide backwards,” has been described as a “reckless, foolhardy abandonment of common sense playground basics.”

GC spokesperson, Vilken Våghals said that backsliding has never been considered to be a good idea by the denomination.

He claimed that the early Adventist Church had, in its foresight, discouraged the risky move before the modern playground slide had even been invented.

Våghals warned that those who persist in their backsliding ways tend to hit rock bottom after a brief adrenaline ride down a very slippery slope.

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  1. Hartmut W Sager

    This is another case of the current inward- and backward-looking approach of the Ted circle. The rest of the Evangelical denominations have many decades of great success with backsliding and subsequent “recovery”, since their “once saved always saved” doctrine assures the “eternal security” of the backslider. Our “conditional security” teaching places a larger spiritual burden on our members, since they must actually take seriously their continuous relationship with the Lord.

  2. RicheeeRich

    Is this the same slippery slope to that other place way down below? Many of our local backsliders slid out the back door slippin’ and a sliden’. I hope thet will slide back in the front door soon!

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