Adventist Prays Little Debbie Treat Will Nourish And Strengthen His Body

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Chattanooga, Tenn. – Dying to rip open a box of Little Debbie Nutty Buddy treats, local Pathfinder counselor Patch Aittems paused briefly to say grace, asking for the sugar bomb to nourish and strengthen his body.

Salivating, he added he was grateful to be indulging in the chocolatey goodness, especially as there were so many starving vegans in Loma Linda and even especially Adventist enclaves of his own town that would never know the delicious, flavor explosion he was about to enjoy.



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  1. Richard Mills

    Patch is onto a good thing. He also needs to eat a variery of Little Debbies to see the effect on his body in the months to come. Hope this is his 2021 New Year’s resolution. McKee Bakery is an Adventist owned&operated business. We should support our Adventist businesses. It’s Biblical!! Le’t all get behind& support this Patch guy.

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