Adventist voted People Magazine’s ‘Most Annoying Vegan on Facebook’

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here's another fun update...
here’s another fun update…
New York, N.Y. — Derrick Caster, a fourth generation, 27-year-old Adventist from Asheville N.C. has topped People Magazine’s “Most Annoying Vegan on Facebook” list as its undisputed 2014 winner.

People said that while there typically is fierce competition for first place, Caster went above and beyond in the consistency with which he attacked his daily Facebook postings in 2014.

Asked to explain his behavior, Caster explained that his greatest earthly loves are “experimenting with exciting new celery stalk creations” and “posting the pictures on Facebook.” Casters friends can attest to a near-constant stream of carefully-lit celery art that has clogged up their Facebook feeds in 2014.

In their write-up on Caster, People included what they called a typical Caster post.  The update originally posted at 5:05 p.m. last Wednesday features the caption, “Just letting my little light shine,” along with a picture of Caster doing jumping jacks outside his local mall, firmly grasping impossible huge bunches of leafy celery stalks in each hand.

People notes that Caster by no means limits himself to celery posts. Many of his updates are of a more broadly vegan nature: “Loving today’s second Vegenaise, prune and Brussels sprout sandwich!!!!!” posted Caster at noon last Friday before taking upon himself to update his status 10 minutes later with a shot titled “AND ANOTHER ONE!!!”

What also differentiates Caster from other contenders is the “Evangelical fervor” with which he posts his vegan exploits, explained People Magazine Associate Editor, Katrina Demsay. “His is so incredibly in-your-face about his convictions. This truly is a man with a mission.”

Many of Caster’s Facebook friends that the magazine interviewed have listed him as the most compelling reason they have found to embrace a rich meat and dairy diet. Friends have shared that although there are health risks involved in a carnivorous diet, consuming one gives them a sense of control after their daily vegan pummeling from Caster’s social media crusade.


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