Adventist wins Easter Bunny Design Olympics with vegan beasts of Revelation creation

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Happy Easter Sunday!
Happy Easter Sunday!
NEW YORK, N.Y. — For the first time in the history of the International Easter Bunny Design Olympics, an Adventist has taken first place.

Roger Lapin of Collegedale, Tennessee won the top prize with what he called a “dairy-free beasts of Revelation-inspired Easter bunny.”

As his design entry was declared the winner, Lapin shared that he had hoped to share a “prophetic message with an apocalyptic take on completely pagan Easter bunnies.”

Lapin refused to use chocolate to create his Easter bunny, preferring to promote the health message with his all-vegan design.

Although Lapin’s design scared a number of small children touring the New York-based competition’s display floor, judges gave his design first place for ‘disrupting the Easter bunny narrative with a bold new interpretation.”

Judges suggested that Lapin freeze his Easter Bunny and re-use it as a Halloween decoration in the fall.

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  1. I coulda made one out of vega links, vega burger and a pile of Little Debbies. All vegan and ready to eat. Please announce these events ahead of time so I can participate. Do not discriminate again. I know a few ex-GC lawyers ready to take on things like this.

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