“Potluck Globe” to feature on all Adventist materials

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A tastier look for all...
A tastier look for all…
SILVER SPRING, Md. — The Adventist Church is mandating that a “Potluck Globe” image be added to all web or print materials designed by church entities worldwide.

The Potluck Globe was unveiled during a presentation of new Adventist design guidelines at the General Conference Executive Committee meetings this week.

“The Potluck Globe will communicate much more strongly than a mere logo ever could,” said GC branding specialist, Zihn Duda.

“We aren’t adding any text to the globe because we are sure that all the world needs to see is a full-color potluck photo on any of our stuff to start salivating and come our way.”

Duda stressed that the globe stressed the “absolute appeal of free food to every nation, kindred and tribe worldwide.”

While he said the new image was to be used on all Adventist materials he said that one exception existed:

“Don’t put it on your church bulletin covers on a fasting Sabbath,” said Duda.

“We could get sued for false advertising.”

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  1. My church family is highly insulted. You omitted rice & beans on purpose. Our lawyers will be in touch with your lawyers. You are violating the trademark & copyright laws. Stop, cease & desist all pot lucks until this matter is resolved. Also missing is the cache of Little Debbies. This is an outrage. This logo is not the SDA health message. Check it out with Gordon Ramsey. Yummy-Yummy-not very good for your tummy!!

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