Adventists Launch Alexa-Like “Ellen G.” Advice Pod

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — As of this coming Monday, ABC stores will stock Ellen G., an Alexa-like advice pod brimming with Ellen G. White’s advice on just about every life issue.

Unlike Alexa pods that only activate when called by name, Ellen G. will speak up whenever her algorithms sense that you are reaching for another chocolate sundae, considering watching anything but Sound of Music on Sabbath or going against any of the instructions White provided in her prolific writings.

Ellen G. also has full access to your social media accounts and will dish out counsel to your friends as and when she detects (based on their updates) that they are getting out of line.


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  1. Loved the EGW advice pod concept – Made me burst into LOL – She warped my life for 19 years, might as well ‘do’ my friends, too – Most of this ‘humor’ is too ‘educated’ – With 65 years of construction humor, this made me Laugh –

  2. Love the EGW advice pod concept – She warped my life for 19 years, might as well ‘do’ my friends, too. – The humor here seems a little ‘too educated’ for me as I’ve lived on construction humor for about 65 years, but any SDA satire/humor is okay with me – Laaaaaaa-ter –

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