Adventists Split On Whether You Should Dress Up For Online Church

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Front row material.
ADVENTIST WORLD — Adventists are finding it impossible to agree on whether or not we should all be dressing up for streaming church. According to a survey by the Center for Online Evangelism, opinions are all over the place.

Theologians at La Sierra University ruffled Adventist feathers earlier this week by releasing a footnoted statement arguing that going to church in your pajamas was perfectly acceptable given the fact that Adventists are watching church livestreams from their living rooms.

Weimar Institute wasted no time in disagreeing with La Sierra’s stance, saying that anything less than a floor-sweeping dress for women or a three-piece suit for men amounted to sartorial heresy.

The Seventh-day Adventist Seminary at Andrews University suggested a third way, hoping it would keep everyone happy: formal tops, party bottoms.


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  1. Marcy

    Which is more holy, the gift or the alter that sanctifies the gift? The real issue is not dressing up for church, but dressing up for Sabbath. Even most of the most conservative Adventists I know dress up for church. In Ellen White’s day Adventists did not have ”church clothes” but ”Sabbath clothes.” Haven’t you noticed that neckties make good bibs at potluck?

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