Anti-The One Project activists launch The 28 Project

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Next steps?
Next steps?
Adventist World — Right on the heels of the final gathering of The One Project, a group of activists that opposed the movement have launched The 28 Project.

Blasting The One Project’s theme of “Jesus. All.” as being too narrow a focus, The 28 Project organizers vowed to “get away from the lovefest and back to finding creative ways to regulate and copyright truth.”

The 28 Project organizers have promised to organize annual gatherings featuring music taken exclusively from the Adventist hymnal without so much as a bongo drum for percussion purposes.

Potlucks at The 28 Project gatherings will feature 28 minimally-seasoned dishes showcasing dodgy, invariably beige, veggie meats. Security will screen attendees to ensure nobody smuggles in so much as a travel-sized bottle of mustard.

The 28 Project’s leaders warned that the movement’s name is subject to change as soon as a GC session votes in another fundamental.

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