Boris Johnson Vows To Fulfill Daniel Prophecy As PM

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Prophetic mandate.
LONDON, England — Boris Johnson, Britain’s new Prime Minister, has committed to wasting no time in hastening the fulfillment of Daniel’s Nebuchadnezzar Statue prophecy in regards to modern-day European unity.

In brief remarks to his party after winning the Conservative vote, Johnson promised not to let last day events drag out for too long.

The new leader of the UK vowed to “get Brexit done on 31 October” in the most dramatic sign in years that a rickety statue’s iron and clay feet have more longterm durability than any notion of real European unity.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Instead of scratching his head, Boris needs to be rubbing his toes and get this thing done by October 22, 2019, 175 years after the great disappointment. Blessed are the feet that do prophetic work and it shall be done. Hezekiah 4:18 NKJ

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