British Union Conference Plans to Expose Churches With Worst Potlucks

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WATFORD, England —The British Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists has set its sights on a matter of utmost importance: lackluster potlucks. In an unprecedented move, the Union has revealed its intention to publicly out churches with the most abysmal potluck offerings, all in the name of culinary excellence.

Potlucks, often regarded as a cherished tradition within Adventism, have become a battleground of taste and creativity. While some churches are renowned for their culinary masterpieces and delectable treats, others have stumbled upon dishes that leave attendees questioning the very essence of their taste buds.

According to insider reports, the British Union has assembled a clandestine team of “Potluck Enforcers” who will infiltrate potluck gatherings throughout the Union. Disguised as regular Adventists, armed with scorecards and finely tuned palates, these undercover agents will meticulously assess every dish, from the bland casseroles to the perplexing tofu creations.

Churches that are found guilty of hosting the “worst potluck” will be subjected to public censure through an official press release from the British Union. The report is expected to contain vivid descriptions of culinary catastrophes, such as “Soggy Shepherd’s Pie,” “Fish and Chips Gone Awry,” and “Desserts That Taste Suspiciously Like Rubber.”

To ensure fairness and avoid any hint of bias, the British Union will employ a standardized judging system. Categories such as taste, presentation, originality, and overall culinary appeal will be carefully considered. The identities of the Potluck Enforcers will be closely guarded secrets, preventing any potential bribery or sabotage attempts.


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