Buttigieg Takes Heat For Being “Whiter Than Walla Walla”

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Mayor Pete.
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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — As he rises in the polls, US presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is struggling to appeal to black voters.

After it emerged that the South Bend, Indiana mayor’s campaign had used the stock photo of a Kenyan woman to illustrate his plan for black America, exasperated would-be voters of all faiths came to the same conclusion: Buttigieg is whiter than Walla Walla University.

As comparisons to the diversity-challenged school began to pop up everywhere fair social media commentary is shared, Buttigieg staffers pushed back aggressively.

The team said there was absolutely no way their candidate should be compared to the whitest Adventist school in the country that, unlike Southern, has found it extremely difficult to appeal to minorities over the years.

“Way more than three percent of our supporters are black,” said Buttigieg’s Communications team as they furiously photo-shopped rally pictures.


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