Churches to Officially Rank Potluck Dishes Each Sabbath

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Helpfully arranged.
ADVENTIST WORLD — Potluck dishes at Adventist churches will be officially ranked as of this Sabbath. A church board subcommittee at each congregation will be assigned to pre-taste each dish before potluck begins and then arrange them according to popularity with the best coming first in line. The cooks guilty of the dishes in the second half of the line will be asked to explain why they decided to phone in their potluck prep. Anyone responsible for dishes ranked in the bottom third of the lineup will be directed to the kitchen for dishwashing duties.


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  1. Hartmut W Sager

    Oh no! Just ranking for now, and then compliance with GC standards to follow! Expect a Ted sermon shortly on how disunity on Sabbath potluck dishes threatens the overall unity of the Worldwide Church. And the really distasteful dishes would be classified as “hooey”.

    1. Hartmut W Sager

      His Highness King Sevvy, who apparently must not be addressed directly (I was chastised for doing so a few years ago), is in charge of this whole place. Although not an answer to your question, do note that the king’s wife, Aunt Sevvy, is quite approachable, and even has an “Ask Aunt Sevvy” column at Adventist Today.

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