Controversial Vote To Decide Location Of Second Coming Lift-Off Area In GC Parking Lot

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SILVER SPRING, Md. – Later today, General Conference leaders will be voting on the hotly-debated topic of where in the HQ’s parking lot to gather at the time of the Second Coming. So far nobody has been able to agree whether to gather for lift-off right outside the main entrance or to aim for an area close to a side door.  Everyone agrees the ideal location should be easy to access, even for the poor souls that spend most of their time holed up in third floor conference rooms. For the actual vote, a map of the parking lot will be projected onto the auditorium screen. Those voting will be given a choice of seven locations and will then be asked to vote by raising a yellow card when the option their boss selects, is shown.


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  1. Richard Mills

    I believe that the current parking lot is more than adequate for a lift off. Some won’t make it due to heavy traffic up&down US29. Will the present COVID 19 rules still be in effect? Can I reserve early for a spot? I want to go with the top GC people. Arrive in style, etc.

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