Decision To Leave Burning Adventist Building Requires Quorum

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The committee will come to order.
ADVENTIST WORLD — An update to GC Working Policy States addresses decisions about exiting burning Adventist structures.

The update requires a quorum of the committee with highest local authority before a decision can be made to leave the building.

After a quorum has been confirmed, committee members will need to vote on the suggested exit and achieve a two-thirds majority in favor of leaving before anyone can make a run for it.

In the interest of time, votes need not be anonymous and can be shown by raising your hand or pounding madly on a fire exit.


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  1. Marcy

    The committee always agrees to stay in the structure, because God will set things right at the head of the work. You are perfectly safe. The structure is fire proof, example, 9-11. see T vol 9p12.

  2. Richard Mills

    The three Hebrew boys had no issue with staying a burning building. Nebuchadnezzar had the problem!!. Anyway, Safety Sabbath is coming up in March. Will use this info to. implement egress.

    1. Marcy

      Those 3 did not walk into the fire and were only there a few minutes at the most and came out at the first invitation without hesatation. They did not look back, longing to be in the fire, like Lot’s wife.

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