Ethiopian Eunuch’s Rebaptism Required After Church Finds Out He Hadn’t Studied 28 Fundamentals

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Impulse dip.
MIDDLE EAST — Fresh off a deeply meaningful baptism performed by Philip the Evangelist, the Ethiopian eunuch received news today that he would need to be rebaptized as he had not done a thorough study of the 28 fundamentals.

The letter from the eunuch’s local union office called the experience “too much of an impulse decision” and prescribed an extended doctrinal study before he could try again.

Given the eunuch’s busy itinerary, the union has allowed for the studies to take place via Bible correspondence course format as long as the eunuch can successfully pass a written exam at the end.

Philip, on the other hand, has received a letter of warning demanding he think through future baptisms he performs unless he wants to receive a verbal reprimand at a Council of Jerusalem.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Let me get this straight-Phillip was in non-compliance mode. The Eunuch did not have his name approved by the church board. There was no second reading of his name, therefore the eunuch was not voted upon and in fact is not a real SDA member. Maybe the eunuch paid his tithe to a local struggling, new church plant back home. Did the eunuch have knowledge of the SOP, the 2300 day Miller chart? I’m all confused here. Help me out. Will the eunuch be a delegate at the 2020 GC session? MAGA-make adventism great again in 2020-Indy GC.

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