Explosive NYT Report Reveals Trump Gave Nothing To 13th Sabbath Offering

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NEW YORK, N.Y. — A bombshell New York Times report into President Donald Trump’s tax returns has revealed the US President gave exactly nothing to 13th Sabbath School offering over the last several years.

The NYT report said that, regardless of how important the cause the 13th Sabbath Offering went to support, Trump had neglected giving so much as a dollar.

“You’ve got to wonder where this president’s loyalties lie when he casually brushes off giving to something as important as the maintenance and refurbishment of key Inter-European denominational buildings that have been needing some TLC for years,” said the NYT.

The report raised the question of whether this revelation into Trump’s disregard for the special offering will turn Adventists against him on election day.

“It’s possible this faux pas will backfire on Trump,” said the report, “but you never know with Adventists, they can never agree at the ballot box.”


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  1. Richard Mills

    what iz 13th sabbath? my local church has not had one in the past 5 years. Pafrents cannot getg the kidsa to SS on time. If they do arrive it is about 1030am. Parents are just LAZY!. The kids misplace the SS lessons. Rolled up, ripped up, wrapped up, folded up, fan shaped up, squeezed into a small baseball, thrown at the basketball hoop, held as swords to fight or swat each other, found in the bathroom trash can, dropped at the curb where the car is parked, shaped into mission airplanes, etc. Now you know why there is no more 13th Sabbath. Anybody got the creatiive ideas? MAGA-make adventism great again!

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