Extreme Voices Are Tearing Adventists Apart – Help BarelyAdventist Stop Them

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Hi there, fellow Adventists!

This is Sevvy, the somewhat eccentric but always entertaining founder and main word-slinger of BarelyAdventist.

Let’s be real, folks – these days, it seems like the Adventist world is becoming increasingly polarized by extreme voices on both ends of the spectrum. Adventist media often feels like a tug-of-war between those who want to censor everything and those who want to burn it all down. 

Here at BarelyAdventist, we believe that humor can be a powerful bridge-builder, helping us focus on our shared experiences and commonalities as Adventists. We’re a passionate bunch who love our church with an unwavering fervor, but we wholeheartedly believe that when guided by the Holy Spirit (and perhaps a few too many Caffeine-Free Dr. Peppers), humor and satire can help us laugh, let off some steam, and spot areas for growth as a community. You know, kind of like a spiritual enema, but way more enjoyable.

But here’s the catch, folks – to keep the laughs coming and the bridges building, we desperately need your financial support. Ads alone just don’t cut it, and we’d rather not have to resort to selling Aunt Minerva’s legendary fruitcake door-to-door.

Without your help, the Adventist world risks becoming an echo chamber of extreme voices, with no avenue for light-hearted self-reflection and unity. 

So, please, for the love of all things veggie-friendly, consider supporting BarelyAdventist on Patreon with as little as $1 a month, or through PayPal if that works better.

Together, we can beat polarization and Sadventism, one chuckle at a time, and make the Adventist world a happier, more self-aware, and all-around more generous place.


Sevvy, the Barely Adventist

P.S. BarelyAdventist is not a charity, so gifts are not tax-deductible.



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