Female delegates to boycott GC San Antonio

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The new men's conference will have to do without these young Adventist performers too.
The new men’s conference will have to do without these young Adventist performers too.
SILVER SPRING, Md. — “The General Conference San Antonio World Session has been upgraded and will now take the form of a men’s conference,” said lead organizer Solo Muchachos to Adventist press this afternoon. His statement came on the heels of even bigger news that all female delegates and other female event participants have announced plans to boycott the world session.

The reason for the female boycott of the GC session stems from what boycott organizer Lhettus Showem has described as “completely unabashed under-representation of women as delegates to the event.” Showem pointed to official delegate data in which a mere 17% of the 2,566 delegates who will be making the decisions on future church policy are women.

“How are we ever going to learn to treat women equally in our church if the vast majority of our decision makers are men?” asked Showem. “It is completely ludicrous that at the GC session where delegates will take a historic vote on the ordination of women, so few females actually get a say in the matter.”

Showem explained that female delegates had agreed that if women are this underepresented and ignored even before the voting begins, they may as well boycott the event en masse. “Ironically, we as Adventists don’t seem to have faith that God can speak through a woman,” said Showem.

Muchachos, for his part, explained that despite the boycott, the world session would continue. “The Alamodome is booked, we’ve ordered haystacks ingredients and, quite frankly, the transitioning of the session into a men’s conference wasn’t much work at all.”

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  1. Well at least the men won’t be fighting over the remote. During the day, Solo Muchachos and his ilk can flip between games and presentations on the big screens with no women to nag them, oh I mean keep them focused on the business at hand. Just like at home, but no ball-and–chain.

  2. Fred

    I live in Nashville, where there are two Conference Offices, Kentucky Tennessee & South Central. South Central wants to remain their own organization, they don’t want to be integrated. Just ask them.

  3. Dr. William G. Johnsson was the Editor of the Adventist Review from 1982 to 2007. Based on careful study and observation for the past 40 years, he is urging the Church to take the logical and biblical step of recognizing women’s ordination. He points out that the General Conference has already recognized that God has given His stamp of approval to women in ministry; so who are we to withhold official recognition? http://EqualOrdination.com/johnsson-we-must-vote-yes/

  4. Richard Mills

    I am glad for the female boycott. No more whinning. No more pouting. No extra items on the credit card. Now the females can stay at home at get the housework done while us guys are having a whale of a good time in Texas. I can attend with a clear conscious.
    What would EGW have to say about your boycott actions? Just curious. PS-You females are using the wrong strategy. Be creative!! Woe is me!!

  5. Edith Litvin

    God’s way has been followed very well, most of the six thousand years since Creation and now that we are on the verge of Christ’s coming, making a radical non-Biblical change seems to follow the kind of thing that our enemy would like to see, so hopefully he can finally win what he has been trying to win, ever since he rebelled against God and was expelled from Heaven. God’s way is not only the best way. IT IS THE ONLY WAY.

    1. Most Adventist theologians, including the most devoted and sanctified scholars, have concluded that the Bible does not prohibit ordination of women ministers. http://OrdinationFacts.com/what-is-the-final-verdict-of-the-general-conferences-theology-of-ordination-committee-anyway/

      In any event, the delegates at the G.C. Session will not be voting to decide whether women should be ministers. (Women pastors were already fully approved by the G.C. 25 years ago.) They will only be voting about whether individual world divisions can choose to give these women pastors certificates of “ordination” instead of certificates of “commissioning.” https://ordinationFacts.wordpress.com/

    2. Ray Kraft

      Satan wants women to be ordained ministers because they will . . . what?

      Are women spiritually inferior to men? If this is so, the Church should adopt that as a statement of doctrine . . . Women are spiritually inferior to men!

  6. Ray Kraft

    Why is the ordination of women even an issue? This has puzzled me for fifty years.

    What does God have against women? Two thousand years ago some guy named Paul (about whom we really know very little, except he didn’t like women all that much, and was proud of his ability to remain unmarried) said that women shouldn’t be ministers, and ever since the Churches (Catholic, Adventist, most of them) have slavishly followed the words of Paul, who was not God.

    Jesus, as I recall, said nothing about not ordinating women.

  7. kateera shokorakunda

    As laymen eagerly waiting for Jesus’s second coming we are confused by your intellectual debates, but if you ignore the dictates of the Bible you may not see Him.Let the Bible be your guide always.

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