GC President Inks Endorsement Deal With Wilson Basketballs

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — Pledging all proceeds to improving recess time for Adventist elementary school students, General Conference President Ted Wilson accepted a new role today officially endorsing Wilson basketballs.

The Adventist leader flawlessly spun a Wilson basketball on his left index finger as he announced the deal.

Wilson confessed being indoors for months during the COVID-19 pandemic had been a trial akin to sitting through an Adventist Risk Management policy refinement meeting. “It felt like the boredom would never end,” said the GC president.

He added that he’d started practicing the finger spins as soon as Wilson Sporting Goods floated the idea of an endorsement deal.

Wilson concluded his comments, saying that as soon as the GC headquarters re-opened, he would personally be installing a basketball hoop in the auditorium.


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  1. Richard Mills

    Love the way Ted Wilson does the balancing act. Ordained women pastors & male pastors need to play a basketball game and see who wins. If male wins-no more WO. If female wins, ordain forever!!MAGA-make adventism great again

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