Annual Council Features As Comedy Special On Netflix

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SILVER SPRING, Md. —- In an effort to further diversify its content, streaming giant Netflix has bought rights to the Annual Council live stream and video library.

The deal was sealed for $144,000.

Netflix is marketing Annual Council content as a series of comedy specials.

Because the 2020 Annual Council programming is Zoom-based and is likely to miss out on some of the drama of previous sessions, Netflix is simultaneously releasing stand-alone segments featuring the “most exciting / hilarious moments” from years past.

Some of these moments will include close-up shots of high-powered executives sound asleep during impassioned policy debates as well as the best beards from the Battle Creek-based Annual Council 2018.


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One comment

  1. Richard Mills

    didn’t know the annual council could be humorous. all ther pix shows the delegates in a serious mood. no levity, no jokes, no hilarity just loooooong faces. haven’t they read of the the Loma Linda study concerning laughter&medicine& wellness? How many SDA’s does it take to change a light bulb?
    MAGA-make adventism great again

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