General Conference suspends North American Division from decision making for supporting women

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SILVER SPRING, Md. — General Conference leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church have chosen to sanction the North American Division of the church for what GC leadership calls “disruptive gender-based campaigning.” The NAD will be suspended from global decision-making bodies of the church for three years.

GC Director of United Blindness, Eck Leipzig, said that the NAD’s support for women “has gone just a tad too far for large majorities of the church that prefer traditional roles for women that clearly must be right as they have been in place for centuries.”

Leipzig said that the NAD had been given several opportunities to recant on prevalent views held by influential voices in its leadership on everything from supporting women’s ordination to women’s right to equal pay. “All we’ve heard lately is lame quibbling about where they stand and their inability to do anything else.”

NAD administrators were unavailable for comment on the suspension as they were in the middle of a leadership retreat held at Wartburg Castle in Germany.



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  1. It’s interesting that “NAD administrators were unavailable for comment on the suspension as they were … at Wartburg Castle in Germany,” as that is where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into the common language of the people. . . .

  2. Richard Mills

    Let’s stop this nonsense about should we or should we not ordain women as Elders. My wife says she is all for the ordaining stuff. She made me write this reply. Mother knows best. A Happy Wife is a Happy Life and don’t you forget it!! All of a sudden I felt a bump on my head!! Woe iz me.

  3. patrick

    I would like to be convinced that Women’s Ordination is about morality and not power. I’m not there yet. If it’s about power and control, then Women’s Ordination is ok. I also think that the defining moment for our church will not be Women’s Ordination, but rather same sex challenges.

  4. Galen vsetecka

    Why do you waste money on this fiction if this is just humor.i laborhard for the offerings I give and want it used for Gods purposes not this phone trash news.the real stories yesterdays prophesies are today’s headlines.

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