Georgia Dome Implodes From Guilt Over Hosting Ted Wilson’s 2010 Election

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End of an era.
End of an era.
ATLANTA, Ga. — Seven years after hosting the 2010 General Conference Session in which current GC President Ted Wilson was elected, the Georgia Dome has imploded with guilt over its tragic facilitation of the event.

Saying its last goodbyes to the Atlanta skyline, the Georgia Dome told fellow landmarks that Wilson’s leadership of the Adventist Church over the last seven years had taken it completely by surprise.

“If I had known what a hornet’s nest Ted’s election was going to stir up, I would have hosted absolutely anything else that summer,” said a contrite Georgia Dome. “I have no idea what that delegating committee was thinking.”

The dome sheepishly added that the last seven years of Adventism will be remembered for the amazing amount of energy that has been put into preventing Adventist women from getting equal opportunities to serve in ministry.

Right before imploding, the dome added that the only institution that had worked harder than the current GC to centralize power was medieval Rome.

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