Zach Galifianakis to interview Adventist leaders for “Is This Thing On?” Q&A

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Burning questions
Burning questions
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Comedic Actor Zach Galifianakis has volunteered to interview leaders of the North American Division of the Adventist Church for the Q&A series “Is this thing on?”

The Facebook Live series features questions from an audience of Adventist students as well as others sent via social media. The questions are answered by NAD president Dan Jackson and executive secretary Alex Bryant.

Episode 2 of the series will take place at Oakwood University on December 2 and Galifianakis will be in charge of what he has called “questions about Adventists that have been keeping me up at night.” He will feature in a 15-minute ice breaker session at the start of the 90-minute broadcast.

Galifianakis has promised to ask the Adventist leaders how they expect anyone to join the Adventist Church while they insist on selling soy cheese at ABC stores.

The actor also wants to know what the Adventist Church does with the bodies “after they get drowned in the watery grave in front of the entire congregation.”

Although Galifianakis says he is afraid he won’t get to all his questions he vows not to relinquish his time before he asks if Jackson and Bryant can work their connections to get him “free Little Debbie’s until the Second Coming or my dying day, whichever comes first.”

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