Hillary Clinton chooses Hyveth Williams as running mate

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Williams is expected to inject some dynamism into Clinton's sleepy campaign...
Williams is expected to inject some dynamism into Clinton’s sleepy campaign…
BROOKLYN, N.Y. — In a US election year unusually influenced by Seventh-day Adventist names, Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton has announced her vice presidential running mate: Hyveth Williams, D. Min., long time Seventh-day Adventist pastor and current professor of Homiletics at Andrews University Theological Seminary.

Williams, the first black female pastor and the first female senior pastor in the Adventist denomination, is known for her dynamic speaking style and background story of overcoming incredible odds to reach her current succcess. Analysts say she was brougt on board the Clinton campaign to bring spark to a somewhat wooden candidacy.

A completely female ticket will likely cause a stir among voters as well. Clinton campaign staffer Zak Goldman said that of all vice presidential candidates considered, Williams stood out as the best compliment to the Clinton ticket.

“We thoroughly vetted the email habits of Williams before she was offered the job,” added Goldman.


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    1. Burny Sanders

      Darn it, I was hoping she would choose me! I would balance and enliven the ticket, and I would put a chicken in every pot. Yours truly, Burny Colonel Sanders

  1. richard mills

    I have retreated to my padded cell. My shrink says it’s OK to bang my head against the eastern wall seven time a day. The warden says I may have visitors with proper clearance. Come on down!

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