John Oliver tackles women’s ordination in Adventism

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Here we go...
Here we go…
NEW YORK, N.Y. — HBO’s John Oliver talked about women’s ordination within Adventism in the most recent airing of his extremely popular topical comedy show, Last Week Tonight.

The British presenter called the issue of women’s ordination “an extremely hot potato among extremely vegetarian Protestant Christians that invented cornflakes, keep the Jewish Sabbath and live a hell of a long time.”

Oliver zeroed in on “the irony of all ironies that a church whose most influential founder, messenger and writer was a woman should refuse to give female clergy the same leadership status as men.”

The comic called it “astounding” that a denomination so insistent on following scripture should uphold “centuries of manmade tradition and blatant sexism when push came to shove.”

Oliver blasted the 2015 General Conference San Antonio vote to refuse world regions of the church the right to decide for themselves whether to ordain women.

He wrapped the show calling the vote a “move straight out of the Vatican playbook.”

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