“Lara Croft Ultimate Adventist Missionary” Series to be Launched by Hope Channel

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In an unexpected crossover, Hope Channel, has acquired the rights to feature the iconic video game heroine Lara Croft in an all-new animated series called “Lara Croft, Ultimate Adventist Missionary.”

The reimagined Lara retains her trademark physical prowess and thirst for adventure but will be embarking on a unique quest – spreading the Three Angels’ message to the farthest corners of the globe. Each episode will follow Lara as she travels to remote regions, exploring ancient ruins and interacting with indigenous cultures not just to uncover archaeological treasures, but to share the fundamental beliefs of the Adventist faith.

Producers promise an engaging blend of high-octane action sequences as Lara navigates treacherous terrain, solves mind-bending puzzles in forbidden tombs, and fends off the occasional vengeful cult – all while initiating Bible studies and health outreach programs in the communities she visits.

The spirited British explorer will not be alone in her missionary endeavors. Her loyal AI companion will be replaced by a cheerful robo-pastor providing theological insights, while a rotating cast of local guides drawn from Adventist missionaries already serving in those regions will join her exploits.

Lara’s traditional arsenal of guns and gadgets will be revamped to include Adventist literature, vegetarian food stockpiles, and an array of audio-visual equipment to deliver powerful sermons accompanied by dynamic visual effects rivaling her most spectacular set-pieces.

Can Lara Croft kick, climb, and contextualize her way into bringing the Gospel message to the world’s unreached frontiers? Viewers will find out when “Lara Croft, Ultimate Adventist Missionary” makes its global premiere on Hope Channel later this year.


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