Liberal Shocked Not All Adventist Problems Stem From Ted Wilson

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PASADENA, Calif. — Joe Kajh dropped his freshly-purchased triple shot frappuccino upon learning from a friend that not everything that plagues the Adventist world comes straight from Ted Wilson.

Grabbing a corner of the Starbucks table in front of him to regain his balance, the third generation Loma Linda graduate struggled to make sense of the news that Adventist nepotism predates Wilson’s presidency and close-minded old-timers weren’t fans of women doing anything in leadership well before Wilson made it to Silver Spring.

Even more shockingly, political infighting and red tape has slowed down Adventist mission for as long as we’ve been a thing.

Turns out that the human condition itself was not voted in at a Wilson-led GC session.

Image of Ted Wilson by Tor Tjeransen via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


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  1. Joe

    I “left the church” in 1964, after 20 years, so am NOT up on Ted Wilson, nor much else of which you ‘speak’ – Your founder, Sewy, goes back to old SDA customs of begging for Alms – I think all you folks should step back, take a deep breath, and walk away – You deserve a break from all this Malarkey – Let it Go – Get a Life – P.S. – This stuff is only funny if one has ‘the inside scoop’ – Which it seems I don’t – JFJ

    1. Marcy

      I really don’t think it is meant to be funny, but to show how ridiculous the reasoning of the organization is and get them to take a hard look at the issues instead of trying to reason around them to make them mean what they want them to mean.
      If you left the “church” in the 60’s that was a lot better than we did, that is if you still believe the true Adventist message. We left in the late 90’s to have home church. We are 3rd generation SDAs but cannot be involved in the direction the Conference is going.

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