Military parade to feature sixty-cubit golden Trump image

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Golden opportunity
Golden opportunity
WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the Pentagon scrambles to follow President Donald Trump’s marching orders to plan a military parade, plans have been unveiled for a golden image of the president to lead the procession. The height of the solid gold image is to be sixty cubits and its width, six cubits. Citing “ancient inspiration,” for the idea, a White House spokesperson said that the president wanted the image to look “Babylon-style YUGE.”

To aid in the construction of the golden image, a custom-built fiery furnace has been constructed in the White House basement. The White House has warned that anyone that opposes the creation of the golden image or the extravagant display of military might would “feel some serious heat.”

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  1. richeerich

    Trump’s image should be made of the same materials as the Daniel 2 Image. Maybe some SDA historian can figure out a few dates, 2300 days, etc. Maybe we got a new prophetic chart? We also need a Daniel for the interpretation. You know what I mean?

  2. richeerich

    Round up all those 50,000 Pathfinders & Leaders who find time to go to a jamboree. What a sight! A bunch of those so-called drum corps keeping’ step, dancin’ around, hooting’ & a hollering’. I’ll go to see them in a parade anytime anywhere!!

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