MYSTERIOUS: Local Member Always Out Of Town For Scheduled Church Work Bees

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Joe Peresoso has an impeccable talent for conveniently being out of town whenever work bees are scheduled at Dusty Shelf SDA.

The word around church is this elusive member has a travel excuse for every work bee – from spontaneous family visits to sudden business trips.

While other saints diligently wield their paintbrushes, brooms, and shovels, Peresoso embarks on impromptu road trips, surprise family vacations, or sudden medical emergencies whenever so much as a routine carpet cleaning is announced.
His excuses are as varied as they are creative, each one meticulously crafted to ensure his complete non participation in any remotely strenuous volunteer activity.

When challenged on his frustrating behavior, Peresoso doesn’t bother justifying his calendar preferring instead to say he doesn’t believe in “salvation by works.”


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