MYSTERIOUS: Local Member Always Out Of Town For Scheduled Church Work Bees

Joe Peresoso has an impeccable talent for conveniently being out of town whenever work bees are scheduled at Dusty Shelf SDA. The word around church is this elusive member has a travel excuse Read more […]

Headstrong Member Crushed to Hear Church Has Room For Guy That Doesn’t Agree With Him

In a stunning blow to his ego, super-opinionated church member Chad Righteous was devastated to hear that his church has room for a guy that doesn’t agree with his theology. “I’m literally Read more […]

Local Saint Begins Every Day Praying for God to Smite Her Enemies

In a stunning display of faith and passive aggression, a local woman has taken up a new morning ritual that has everyone at her local Adventist congregation watching their back. Meet Susan McDivine, Read more […]