Sting Operation: Death Was Always Defanged

Death was throwing its weight around, swaggering through the ages with a vain confidence. “My sting is lethal!” it boasted, striking down every living thing eventually. “None can escape my venom!” Oh, Read more […]

Bad News For Beelzebub: Afterlife Offers No Room for Eternal Torture

Forget about Lucifer’s tiki beach party – his vacation plans are getting a rain check. Seventh-day Adventists take a refreshingly different view on the idea of eternal damnation. In the Adventist Read more […]

Deceased Adventist Couple, COSTCO Members, Leave Huge Quantities of Supplies to Church

When Wilbur and Agnes Stillbody passed away within a month of one another leaving their entire estate to the church, the conference trusts and wills director was surprised to discover that a large Read more […]