Sting Operation: Death Was Always Defanged

Death was throwing its weight around, swaggering through the ages with a vain confidence. “My sting is lethal!” it boasted, striking down every living thing eventually. “None can escape my venom!”

Oh, but Death had severely underestimated its opponent. You see, before the earth was even formed, a daring sting operation was already planned – one that would render Death’s venom utterly impotent.

The operative? None other than Jesus Christ Himself, rejecting Death’s hubris.

When the time came, Jesus let Death strike Him squarely on the cross. Death recoiled in shock as its fatal sting proved useless against the embodiment of eternal life. “Impossible! You can’t disarm me!”

But death’s venom was defanged before it even existed.

You see, the plan of salvation had been in place since the dawn of time. Death’s sting was never as potent as it believed. Jesus broke its vaunted grasp and emerged from the tomb, venom-free and victorious.

The sting of death? Merely an illusion, dispelled by the age-old sting operation of the cross.

Death’s venom never stood a chance.


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