Gillette Rents Out Pet Kennels as ‘Affordable Pathfinder Camporee Lodging’

GILLETTE, WY – As hotel room rates in the town of Gillette, Wyoming have skyrocketed to upwards of $900 per night for the upcoming International Pathfinder Camporee, the city has gotten creative in offering “affordable” lodging options for the thousands of Pathfinders and staff descending on the small Wyoming town. 

Their unorthodox solution? Renting out the indoor pet kennels at local veterinary clinics and animal shelters.

“We realized our housing was going to be really tight for Camporee week,” said Tourism Superintendent Hund Valp. “But then I remembered, we’ve got all these dog kennels around town that aren’t being used at night! A kennel is basically just a very small room, so it’s perfect for jamming in a couple of cots.”

According to the superintendent’s office, over 500 kennels have been rented out through a new “BarkNStay” program at rates of $149 per kennel per night – a relative bargain compared to Gillette’s $900 hotel rooms.

Valp defended the initiative saying, “Hey, Pathfinders are always joking about roughing it and sleeping like animals at Camporee. Well, now they’ll be doing it for real! This is premium rustic experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

Local animal advocate groups have pushed back on the idea, citing concerns over humans occupying spaces meant for homeless pets. But the superintendent brushed off their complaints stating, “We just ask that Pathfinders don’t make too much noise and try their best not to mark their territory.”


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