OBG – Slide Show: Adventist Status Symbols

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Adventists are called to be sober, humble, meek, all while wearing little to no makeup or jewelry. But that doesn't mean they don't have their own ways of letting you know what's what or who's who.


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  1. Dave

    They are called ‘Honors’, not ‘badges’. Scouts get badges, pathfinders earn honors. So, as you noted in the photo caption, the more you have, the more ‘honorable’ you are.


    1. Donald Tramp

      Nothing is expensive to me. I’m a billionaire like Stu Redman. And I’m so refined and elegant that I enjoy both kinds of music: Country AND Western. By the way, I’m not the least bit concerned about global worming.

    2. Killary Hellary Clinton

      I’m not concerned about global wOrming, either. But I’m pretty concerned about global warming and the FBI’s “security inquiry” into my illegal e-mails.

  2. Richard Pills

    Hey, far out, dude! Like this ‘a Advent status symbol thingy be way cool, way hot, way sick! Dat Sevvy dude done outdone hisself. I be talking like, ya know, like supa chill, like way out, sick! Now I betta gets back on ‘a my meds. . . . Why’s dat dude in the white coat always followin’ me ’round? What’s dat straight-jacket thingy he got there?

  3. Richard Pills

    Sevvy, help! Dey got me. Dey hurtin’ me wit dat straight-jacket thingy! Dat global worming done gone to my head! Sevvy dude, ya gotta help me, bro. Plz, bruh. I want my mommy. Yikes! Da dude in da white coat be chasin’ me wit a needle. Waaaaaaaaaah! He got me. Da room be spinnin’. Zzzzz . . . .

  4. D'White Nelson

    It’s ironic how similar the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to the Roman Catholic Church. The position of GC President is like an SDA Pope. Ironically, both have been vehemently opposed to Women’s Ordination and have taken an autocratic leadership style on that issue. Both “popes” are viewed as nearly infallible. The whole SDA hierarchy is like the Catholic hierarchy. Division presidents are like Vatican-based Cardinals. Union presidents are like field-based Cardinals. Conference presidents are like archbishops. Conference area leaders are like bishops. The GC president is the Pope, and tradition rules over the Bible in both of their realms. We could call it the GC Papacy. It is ironic that SDAs have traditionally criticized the papacy so harshly, when we are actually so much alike.

  5. richard mills

    Richard Pills- I hereby decree that you cannot use my name or any form, function or any likeness above the heavens or beneath the earth. You is given me a bad rap, bro. My legal team is looking into this matter.

    1. Pill Richards

      Sorry, bruh. Like totally sorry, Richard dude. I sneaked outta da padded cell an’ got my name changed to “Pill Richards.” Hope dat makes ya happy, bro. Gotta run, bruh. Dat dude in da white coat be chasin’ me again. Help! He tryin’ to grab me iPhone. Plz call to test my phone # at 1-800-LUN-ATIC. Whaaaaaa!

  6. Barely SDA in Lacey

    Really , why do we call us Adventist? Can’t we just say SDA. Or are we afraid we will be confused with Latter Day Saints, LDS. Don’t worry they are proud as punch to be LDS, unlike us to be SDA. Second thought don’t mention we are SDA for fear someone will ask us about Daniel or Revelation or even EG White. Those are names we try not to mention in our periodicals. We wouldn’t want to seem too happy to be connected to these names. On the contrary , Lets just say we are the one project and leave it at that. That one project is one that doesn’t need any real explanation because there isn’t one available in church or polite conversation. Lets just leave it to the Jesuits. Name almost sounds just Jesus. Oh, Well lets just leave it.

    1. Ted Cruise

      Yeah, let’s leave it to the Jesuits. After all, there’s a Jesuit hiding under every rock, and several Jesuits hiding within every Adventist college faculty.

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